Best Healthy Diet For Lactating Women

After birth, the woman suffers a period of depression and wants to recover quickly without affecting her baby. In this way, we and you, Madam, will know about the most important dietary diets suitable for nursing mothers and how to obtain proper nutrition and fitness.

Attention must first be drawn before presenting the diet that the mother who breastfeed needs calories equal to the calories obtained during pregnancy between 1600 to 1800 calories per day and that the nursing mother loses about 85 calories per 100 ml of milk on which her baby falls If you breastfeed eight times a day, you lose 760 calories a day, as well as activities that you can do before you start your diet. Follow these tips and instructions:

First : Reduce the coffee and tea, as the caffeine in them works on the lack of sleep the next baby to increase the irritation and start breastfeeding more than the limit.

Second: Reduce the salt in food as much as possible because it works to increase the weight of the abdomen and face and buttocks, especially in the period of lactation.

Third: Avoid sugars and reduce carbohydrates and foods high in fat and high calories without interest, such as soft drinks are calories without nutritional value.

Fourth: Avoid eating foods that change the taste of milk and cause digestive disorders of the baby, including onions, chili, garlic and pickles.

Fifth : You should eat milk without sugar and a tablespoon honey bee every day on the stomach and eat breakfast regularly on time.

Sixth: In cases of extreme hunger between meals, you can eat the fruit of a fruit or a cup of special juices for the body, such as vegetables or apples or green humming.

– Lactating Diet:

Breakfast: Hanging from honey and then a glass of water and then wait a quarter of an hour and eat skimmed milk without sweetening with a piece of cheese Quraish added to the Malaga of olives and thyme with Toast and two eggs and four tablespoons of beans to obtain protein, You can mix foods such as eggs with mushrooms or eggs with white bean salad and so on, provided that the meal contains daily protein, starches and calcium.

Between meals:

You can mix vegetables, pineapple juice, sliced ​​pineapple, or a large fruit.

Lunch : Lunch should contain all nutrients protein, vitamins, fats, minerals and carbohydrates, for example:

– Grilled red meat steak or grilled half grilled fish (salmon and sardine is very useful because it contains the amygna 3 useful for pregnant and nursing women) or a grilled bath with three spoons of boiled rice or pasta only with boiled or grilled potatoes Without oil with leafy vegetables mainly parsley, coriander, celery, dill and light spices. Green salad, as well as tomatoes, can be made with boiled vegetables such as boiled beans, mushrooms, peas or cowpea, as you would like to be cooked in a sauteed way.

Between meals: Fruit fruit or vegetable juice.

Dinner: You can count on simple meals such as yoghurt with yogurt, green salad or eggs with brown toast.

It is not a requirement to stick to the diet. Just mix the nutrients you need to feed and do not affect the baby’s milk.

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