Best exercises to get rid of menstrual pain

Suffering from menstrual pain is a concern for most girls, and studies have shown that exercise reduces the feeling of menstrual cramps significantly and here are some of the best exercises to get rid of menstrual pain


If you are a fan of aerobics, and feel that it helps you to discharge your negative energy, and if you feel that your energy allows you to do this exercise in the way you like it will actually help you to put out the negative energy as well as your sense of depression and caused by hormones menstrual cycle .. Also on the dance, it makes you feel lively and happy as well as change your negative mood.


Not all yoga exercises or situations suit you during your period, but some of the appropriate yoga exercises are the most suitable for all at this time, especially since they do not require much effort. Among these exercises is the “goddess position”, where you stand tight with a little leg opening And raise the arms up.

Home exercises

There are other simple exercises you can do if you do not want to get out of the house, lying on your stomach, putting your arms and elbows below the chest area, and then lift your body off the ground, based on your wrists and lifting your toes. ten minutes.


Running is harder than walking. It requires more effort and activity. You can then run to rid your body of inactivity during the menstrual period, but be careful not to overdo running sports at the expense of your health and do not forget to take a bottle of water with you, you need it.


Walking is important during this period, especially as it will not hurt you. It will give you comfort and vitality but be careful not to wear yourself too much during walking. You can wear a comfortable sneaker for about 30 minutes or less if you feel tired and tired.

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