Best exercises for fat burning and weight loss

Exercise helps speed and helps you lose excess weight and you can choose exercises that burn fat in certain areas of your body only.

The best exercises you can do for your buttocks are running and running, which are good examples of exercises that get rid of buttocks fat, and are heart exercises that will help you improve blood circulation in the body, which helps in weight loss and the whole body shape.

There are some exercises that you can do in the lower body and they are squatting, and you should be sure to do this exercise regularly, because it will help reduce fat in your thighs and buttocks, which helps you form the lower body.

Another exercise depends on lifting the leg. This is done by lying on the ground with your back up, putting your hands behind your head, reaching your legs together and lifting them up to ninety degrees without bending your knees. For fifteen consecutive times and keep it.


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