Best Drinks for Weight Loss

As the winter comes, warm drinks are needed to prevent cold sensation and to burn more fat for heating and weight loss, and the best 4 soft drinks for weight loss and weight loss in winter.

Green tea

One of the most popular drinks in its ability to burn fat accumulated in the body because green tea contains catechine, which activates the process of burning fat, and green tea contains antioxidants to help the liver to do its job optimally, and works green tea to reduce the level of sugar in Blood, medical studies have shown that eating three cups a day of green tea contribute to the burning of 200 calories, making it a wonderful helper in the operations of diet.

Ginger, cinnamon and cumin

Mixing an equal amount of ground and putting them in a glass box and taking a spoonful of this mixture and adding it to a cup of boiling water every morning helps to burn the fat very much especially if added to this cup some drops of lemon juice, and the cup is covered for five minutes so that Do not evaporate the useful oils from and benefit from, and also helps this drink to stimulate circulation, especially for internal organs such as liver, heart and kidney, and helps the drink to stimulate memory significantly, and for patients with high blood pressure, they prefer to eat a diluted cup of ginsbill with lemon only and warns eating This drink did not Satisfaction with gastric ulcers or allergic substances.


Eating a cup of boiled parsley contributes a large amount to increase fat burning rates in the body, it helps to clean the liver and intestines, as described by doctors for kidney patients as a good stimulant for its functions and a wonderful washing and resist the parsley boiled boiled and salts deposited on the kidneys, and this drink is characterized by no side effects .

the milk

Not all dairy products contain calories. Fat-free and fat-free milk can also help lose weight and also helps strengthen bones as it is of high nutritional value.

  •  26 May 2013

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