Best Diet for Anemia Patients

Anemia, or so-called anemia, is a reduction in the concentration of hemoglobin from normal levels in the body, which causes a lack of effort in the body and the inability to get the oxygen well, and this causes the patient to feel tired, inactive and lack of focus continuously.

The right food:

In order to treat anemia, the patient should follow a healthy diet based on increasing the iron and folic acid levels in the body because the latter is responsible for the formation of the hemoglobin in the blood and raise the levels of concentration in it, which works to pump oxygen better in the body.

Guidelines for selecting appropriate nutrition:

You should try to eat foods rich in all the nutrients your body needs and be rich in calories, protein and iron. The most important of these foods are green vegetables, red meat, liver, fish, seafood, poultry and legumes such as beans and beans. And peanuts. You should also eat a lot of liver, red meat, eggs, fruits and foods containing high amounts of vitamin C such as vegetables, potatoes, citrus fruits such as lemon and orange, as well as foods containing folic acid such as mushrooms, liver and legumes.

Diet Program:

Type I:

Breakfast :

Boiled egg – half a loaf of brown bread – three tablespoons of beans – salad dish vegetables.

Snack between breakfast and lunch :

1 cup orange juice, lemon juice or apples, or a cup of black honey or a cup of balila in skimmed milk with a teaspoon of black honey – 1 cup of the ring with milk and 1 teaspoon of black honey.

Food Meal :

Cooked vegetable dish – a slice of meat, chicken, fish or grilled or boiled liver – four tablespoons of rice or pasta – salad dish.

Dinner :

Fruit fruits as desired, such as apples, pomegranate, guava, bananas or pears, a cup of white beans, a cup of lemon juice and a teaspoon of black honey.

Type II:

Breakfast: (be at 8 am)

Half a loaf – two boiled eggs – a vegetable salad dish – a glass of yoghurt – a glass of orange juice after a teaspoon of black honey.

Lunch: (be at 3 pm)

Vegetable salad dish – five tablespoons of rice (to be uniform in all days).

First day :

One quarter boiled or grilled chicken.

the second day :

Grilled Fish.

the third day :

Grilled kofta .

the fourth day :

Roasted liver.

The fifth day :

A quarter of a boiled chicken.

the sixth day :

Vegetable Soup – grilled meat.

the seventh day:

Roasted liver.

Dinner: (be at 8 pm)

Half a loaf – 1 cup of yogurt – 1 teaspoon of black honey – a small piece of white cheese – a fruit of bananas and a fruit of guava or pear.

The decision to follow this program should be taken only after consultation with the appropriate physician, as is the case with any diet.

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