Best aerobic exercise to sculpt the waist

Sport is the best treatment to maintain your youth and the freshness of your skin and the health of your body. The regular practice of exercise ensures that you have a tight body, sculpted waist and a very young and beautiful skin.

Many girls suffer from the accumulation of fat in the waist area which leads to skin slouching and cellulite and white lines.

– So we will give you my best and most successful exercises to remove fat from the waistline and sculpt the waist and show your femininity and elegance.

– Best aerobic exercises to sculpt the waist.

– The first exercise

– nationalist strain of the stomach and buttocks muscles, legs open width waist, bezel and your arms straight ahead, and put your chest up, and repeat breath, exhale slowly inhalation, with the need to install the feet on the ground

– Actively rotate your waist once again to the right and again to the left and try to reach as much rotation as you can, move the waist only without moving the lower part of the body, and repeat it at least 30 times.

– To avoid feeling dizzy, do not move your head during the rotation, but must be your head forward fixed, and only your opponent is going.

– Utilize your parking in the kitchen in the work of this exercise, it needs only rotational movement no more, but the results are amazing and fast in the slimming waist.

– The second exercise.

– Put your hands on the waist, and lift your head up and Abaadi feet apart, then start by jumping with the feet together once and open it once, ten times, then Aagafza but put foot forward once and then foot the second again and repeat it 10 times, and every day Zewdie number as much as As possible

– This exercise to slim the waist and the lower part of the body.

Exercise 3.

– If you have a drawer at home, use the last step to exercise very useful and effective in burning waist fat.

– Put the first foot on the edge of the stairs and start playing and switching between the feet, you will feel the pleasure of children and fatigue together, and repeat as much as possible.

Exercise 4.

– Stand up straight so that the legs at the level of waist width, and the extent of your arms straight ahead, with the need to install the feet on the ground during the exercise, and nationalist bow down once to the right so touches the tip of your hand right fingers of your left foot, and once to the left so that touches the palm of your hand Left, right toes, and repeat it at least 20 times gradually.

We have provided you with effective exercises in slimming the waist area, especially if you make them part of your daily routine for better health and a tight body.

We hope you will try it out and share your experience, and we will be happy with your questions and inquiries to find us all new and useful.

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