Benefits of Weather Bulletin

Why is it important to listen to the weather bulletin and find out the weather and what are the benefits of the weather bulletin? Follow us in this article to answer this question ..

How was the weather forecast out of date?

More than 50 years ago, weather forecasting was carried out through a variety of ground observation stations and aircraft. Currently, the means have largely evolved based on a range of satellites, advanced computer models, atmospheric simulations and additional elements of the system This has been achieved thanks to remarkable progress in satellite technology, the global acceleration of global communications and the dramatic increase in computing power.

What are the benefits of the weather bulletin?

The weather bulletin includes many benefits to different aspects of human life:

Maritime navigation

Marine navigation relies on weather forecasting, as is the case in air navigation and airports, where seaports and means of maritime navigation are continuously supplying air bulletins.

Air Navigation

All airports in the world use meteorological service centers to provide them with weather conditions and weather warnings during specified periods in order to avoid surprises that may cause air disasters, God forbid.

Life and daily human activities

Different weather conditions affect different daily human activities. The condition of the roads, the choice of the appropriate dress for the weather, and the journeys during a given period are affected. These conditions are also reflected in the health of the person and the decision to use heating.

For example, in the event of snowfall, ice and fog are affected by the condition of the roads, meteorological warnings contribute to determining the most appropriate way to deal with them such as spraying salt on roads and issuing warnings.

Agriculture sector

The agricultural sector is one of the most dependent on meteorological monitoring, such as frost forecasting, which has a significant impact on crops, as well as rainfall and drought.

Energy field

Renewable energy sources rely on meteorology. Investment in solar, wind, and other fields can be determined at a given location based on atmospheric studies.

The consumption of gas and electricity is one of the most important sources of energy, which increases with the weather in both winter and summer.

  • Helps to identify the actions that he intends to carry out, or postpone them to another time; depending on the weather situation.
  • Winter helps to prepare the house when predicting the arrival of the low air, from food, drink and heating, to other important means in the life of the individual can not live without it. help
  • Winter helps to prepare the house when predicting the arrival of the low air, from food, drink and heating, to other important means in the life of the individual can not live without it.
  • Traffic police assist in reducing road accidents by issuing consecutive instructions to drivers on the status of open roads, which require extreme caution, or enclosed as slopes, valleys or bridges, or on the edge of valleys; Loss of life.
  • For housewives, this is very important to do household chores, whether it is washing, cleaning the house thoroughly, ventilating it, beautifying it, or preparing the children when going to school and preparing the appropriate clothing for them.
  • According to the organization of internal and external flights, cold weather conditions may be blocked by the winter of flights to outdoor open spaces, or may affect foreign flights outside the country by air travel. They may be canceled as a result of the prevailing weather situation or modified course. The weather was cloudy, rainy or snowy.
  • The weather report tells fishermen how high the sea wave is and whether the sea is calm or rough and wind directions to find out where they can catch without problems or losses, whether those losses are material or human losses.
  • To assist the Civil Defense in preparing its preparations; to put it on alert if the weather condition requires it, and to disseminate awareness brochures to the public to clarify the risks of certain heating devices.
  •  It is useful to work outside the house whether it is working in the internal offices or in foreign work, such as builders or field researchers, to wear clothes suitable for the weather, whether it is cold or wearing an umbrella that protects it from rain or snow, And other appropriate clothing.

Once you know the benefits of the weather bulletin, do not forget to listen to it every morning before leaving the house

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