Benefits of walking for pregnant women

A pregnant woman is always advised to exercise because it helps her to facilitate pregnancy and childbirth and also to get rid of excess fat in her body.

– The best of these exercises walk is characterized by several benefits granted to pregnant women, including the following:

– Improve mood:

Women become more susceptible to depression in pregnancy and after that, so many pregnant women complain that their mixture volatile, so walking to rid pregnant women from the narrowness that surrounds and contributes to the secretion of serotonin, which improves the mood and called the hormone of happiness given Because of the psychological comfort of the human being and that women who exercise regularly during pregnancy and postpartum are less likely to develop postpartum depression.

– Protect the body from diabetes:

Some scientific studies have shown that pregnant women are very susceptible to diabetes and there is a disease known as gestational diabetes, but if the woman take precautions well, you can survive this disease, especially if walking regularly this will lead to weight loss and fat burning in her body so it Contributes to the prevention of diabetes and must follow a diet based on true vegetables and fresh fruits that supply the body with antioxidants and this diet with walking contribute to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood and protect the body from diabetes.

– Statement of fetal health:

Walking practice improves the work of the respiratory system, especially if it is practiced in open spaces with fresh air, it works to deliver oxygen to the fetus, which makes its growth more healthy and walking helps to generate the fetus with an extra weight. Some studies have shown that the probability of birth A woman who does not walk a big overweight child.

– Prevention of exposure to preeclampsia:

Pregnancy poisoning is a disorder that occurs to pregnant women after the end of the twentieth week of pregnancy and it comes with swelling in the limbs and get infected by ten percent of pregnant women and in this case walking is the appropriate solution because it makes high blood pressure rates less than making the woman walking exposed to Less likely to become pregnant.

– Facilitate delivery:

Pregnant women who practice walking regularly can carry a healthy pregnancy and give birth easily. Experts recommend walking in a moderate way, particularly in the last months of pregnancy, which precedes the process of fetal birth. It is faster and easier. A vertical position in the uterus increases the pressure on the cervix, which contributes to increased production of the hormone oxystocin, which regulates the contractions that occur in the muscles of the two men, making birth easier.

In order to practice walking correctly, the pregnant woman should avoid walking quickly. He is unhealthy and harmful and may expose women to multiple problems. The solution is to walk normally and moderately. She should not go too far. Thirty minutes a day. Women were not accustomed to exercising too much.

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