Benefits of sun exposure, the benefits of sunlight to the body

The sun is shining and the heat is starting to rise and the summer has started so do not hide in the house. Yes, we know that prolonged sun exposure can be harmful to skin, but moderate sun exposure offers many benefits to your health:Benefits of sun exposure

Benefits of sun exposure

– What might surprise you is that one of the best ways to prevent cancer is exposure to the sun. Are you wondering why?Increasing the body’s vitamin D rate through sunlight reduces the risk of many cancers, including skin cancer, by up to 60%.

– Studies have shown that increasing the proportion of vitamin D (or also known as vitamin sun) in the body protects against cancers as we mentioned in addition to providing the following benefits: support the work of health of the kidneys, promote the health of bones and teeth, promote cardiovascular health, adjusting the rate .

– The sun destroys harmful bacteria and proved this information in World War II when German soldiers used the sun to clear and heal wounds. – Reduces sunlight as it converts high cholesterol in the blood to the steroid hormones and sex hormones that we need to reproduce. – The sun reaches the depths of the skin, which cleans the blood and blood vessels and get rid of toxins. Some medical books published in Europe have shown that the condition of people with atherosclerosis has improved with exposure to the sun.

Benefits of the sun’s rays

– The sun increases the oxygen content of the body and enhances the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to tissues. In addition, exposure to the sun has a positive effect on fitness and muscle development. 
– Sun rays build and enhance our immune system as white blood cells increase with sun exposure and play a key role in fighting the body for inflammation. 
In the end, despite these many benefits, we recommend that you moderate exposure to the sun and in batches to get your skin to get used to high temperatures

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