Benefits of orange juice for high blood pressure

A recent study on the benefits of high blood pressure juice has shown in a study in India that the nutrients contained in a glass of orange juice provide a means to control the high. The researchers said vitamin C and potassium in orange, along with other minerals, were a successful combination to reduce high pressure naturally.

Benefits of orange juice for high blood pressure

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Potassium and vitamin “C” are an effective combination in reducing pressure naturally

The study, based on a survey of health and nutrition data for 22.5 million adults in India, found that eating a glass of orange juice every day helps control high stress levels, especially that potassium in orange reduces the effect of excess sodium, which is eaten by table salt.

According to the study, which was recently presented at the 70th annual conference of the Indian Society of Cardiology, vitamin C helps reduce high pressure, adjust blood levels , and enhance immunity. One cup of orange juice contains all the daily needs of the body from the vitamin.

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