Benefits of onions for body and hair

We know that the onions from the classic vegetables that have been included in the diet for a long time, and whether we like it or not, it is a key component in several dishes and recipes, where he earns his own flavor. It is true that it is characterized by strong jet smell of the presence of sulfur in it, but this can be positive and useful for your beauty, as these sulfur substances play an important role in strengthening your hair follicles and nutrition. It is also an important source of vitamin C and B6 fiber, sulfur, calcium, phosphorus and some volatile oils.

It has long been considered as an antimicrobial and fungus excellence, both in external and internal use, so it benefits your health and beauty at the same time. When used, it is recommended to be thinly refined, as it is possible to lose about 20% of the knees and 75% of the anthocyanins if deeply distilled.

How can onions help your hair?

The ingredients in the onions help to stimulate the blood circulation and thus increase the vitality of the hair and the pace of growth and, as we said earlier it is anti-fungal ie when used on the scalp will clean and cleanse of all impurities and also reduces and protects against any type of dermatitis , And further studies have found that onion juice is also effective in preventing premature hair graying.

It is true that this method of treatment of hair is not famous because it leaves a strong odor, but it, regardless of the odor, it adds gloss to the hair and prevents falling, and a study has shown that massage the scalp with onion juice two weeks for two months works to increase hair growth and It strengthens the pores of your hair follicles that are blocked and prevents scalp infections at the same time. The onion husks are also used for hair gloss. When boiling the onion husks for about an hour and cooling the water, the use of this mixture increases the gloss of the hair. Moreover, if you are already seeing a hairline decline or some bald spots appear, you might want to choose to use something you will find in your home instead of spending more money on expensive chemicals.

– In addition to the use of raw onion juice we suggest a second recipe:

  • One onion
  • A tablespoon of honey
  • A tablespoon of olive oil

Method: After peeling and slicing the onion, put it in the electric mixer with honey and olive oil, put this mixture on the scalp and then start massage for a full minute, Vntrkh on hair for at least an hour and then rinsed with water. For good results, apply this recipe once a week.

What are the health benefits of onions?

Repellent for body toxins The onion contains a variety of amino acids that contain sulfur and are found in onions, garlic and eggs. These distinct amino acids are methionine and cysteine, and are very useful for detoxification and heavy metals from the body. They are able to attach to mercury, cadmium and lead and accompany them out of the body.

Useful for the heart as it works to delay blood clotting, lowering blood cholesterol, reducing triglycerides and lowering blood pressure as well as improving the functions of red blood cell membranes.

Has a role in the prevention of cancer, where onions can provide some protection against the growth of tumors, a study showed that in Georgia, where the cultivation of onions that mortality rates due to stomach cancer half of the state.

Useful for diabetics because it contains most important elements in the regulation of blood sugar such as fiber, iron, vitamin C and potassium.

 Anti-inflammatory, where scientists found that onions work on the treatment of problems of inflammation of the joints and bronchitis, because it contains some important antioxidant compounds such as flavonoids and cercetin, which works to prevent the oxidation of fatty acids in the body that causes inflammation of the body.

Useful to cold where it works on the liquefaction of mucus existing Balblaom and lung, as it is an anti-inflammatory , making it an effective treatment when a common cold, and when mixing onion juice equal to the size of his honey and eat about 4 tablespoons of this mixture daily , it works to dissolve mucus and relieve colds.

Useful for hemorrhoids It works to get rid of bacterial infection in the colon and intestines, which helps to get rid of the problems of hemorrhoids caused by bacterial infection in the intestines. It also treats flatulence and chronic constipation.

Although many benefits of onions, the use of a lot leads to irritation of the membranes of the stomach and nausea, so it is advised to use moderately.

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