Benefits of fennel for health and slimming

Fennel is a common plant that works to lose weight very effectively and is used in a number of modern medical purposes such as herbal medicine.

The nutritional value of the fennel:

100 grams of fennel contains 31 calories of fat containing 0.2 calories and no cholesterol, 52 ml sodium, 414 ml potassium, 7 g sugar, 4 g protein, 1 g protein, half vitamin A, calcium and vitamin D Vitamin B12, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C, as well as iron.

Health Benefits of the Fennel:

– Fennel is used in the treatment of cases of indigestion when the fennel between meals helps to eliminate indigestion and improve the smell of mouth.

– Stimulates the secretions of the digestive system stimulates gastrointestinal juices, which reduce the inflammation of the stomach and intestines. This helps the fennel to get rid of constipation and acidity and protects against intestinal problems.

– Treatment of abdominal distention is very popular in the treatment of swelling and expulsion of the wind because it contains aspartic acid responsible for the expulsion of gases as it is usually used for easy digestion.

– Protects against anemia diseases.

– Treats blood pressure diseases because it is rich in potassium by 414 ml is a vital nutrient and sedative blood vessels, which protects the nature of heart attacks and strokes.

– Improves the functions of the brain because it connects electrical charges or signals to all parts of the body, increases brain function, increases cognitive abilities and works to deliver oxygen.

– Useful for the immune system because it contains many vitamins that work on cell regeneration and stimulate the production of collagen.

Fennel for weight loss and weight loss:

– Fennel works to increase metabolism and burn more calories that lead to weight loss, and improves the efficiency of metabolism.

– The fennel controls the appetite, where it is not recommended for flaxseed, but natural because of its benefits. Fennel seed helps to suppress appetite and reduce the desire for food as well as eliminate hunger during diet.

– Purifies blood and removes uric acid in order to get rid of fat digestion.

– Getting rid of body toxins helps the seeds to expel toxins by increasing sweating and expelling toxins from the bloodstream and kidneys.

– Motivation for the production of melatonin is the natural hormones that regulate sleep to maintain healthy weight and healthy weight loss.

– Diuretic helps to eliminate the amount of excess water in the body that contributes to the process of weight loss.

– You can eat fennel herb such as tea can eat up to four cups per day has no side effects in terms of health, but it is not recommended to take large amounts of pregnant women.

Fennel recipe for slimming:

– Fennel can be bought or grounded as a meal such as vegetables.

– You can prepare fennel tea like a waffle tea then leave it 5 minutes to concentrate and then eat it.

– You can boil a lot of fennel in the morning with seeds of cumin, coriander and fennel and drink them every morning on the stomach to improve the functions of the body and contribute to weight loss very effectively ..

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