Benefits of fennel for constipation

The benefits of fennel for constipation, Fennel is an integrated pharmacy in your home is a famous herbs and drinks wonderful taste and taste and benefit many and has many uses and enter into many foods that are very beneficial to human healthFennel seeds

Drinking hot water for a healthy person 
– Fennel treats constipation. 
– Fennel facilitates operation . 
– The fennel reduces height . 
Fennel facilitates digestion. 
– Fennel helps to get off . 
– Fennel increases the production of natural milk for nursing mothers. 
– Fennel expels gases from the abdomen and handles swelling. 
– Fennel saves and protects from colon problems and pain. 
– Fennel protects against colon cancer. 
– Fennel helps to feel relaxed and comfortable. 
– Fennel protects against strokes. 
– Fennel resists heart attack. 
– Fennel is rid of the peel of hair and strengthens the hair and soften it. 
Fennel prevents hair loss and nourishes it. 
– Fennel saves fat and excess weight and useful in slimming and regimens.Fennel

  • The treatment of constipation Fennel is of great benefit to the digestive system and then it is considered a wonderful treatment for the massage and there are many herbal drinks
  • Which includes fennel with a number of other herbs but the fennel has a simple laxative effect which does not cause aches in the abdomen.

Eating fennel before meals a quarter of an hour helps

  • Works on cleansing the abdomen.
  • Gas mitigation and bloating.
  • Infectious juices help the secretion process naturally
  • Dispose of symptoms caused by indigestion and stomach ulcers.
  • Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome and constipation associated with constipation
  • It facilitates the process of extraction as a natural laxative to treat the constipation resulting from different diets.
  • Fennel

Despite its multiple benefits in slimming and treating constipation,

However, excessive consumption of fennel without consulting the specialist doctor during the use of various diets,

May cause many problems, the most important of which:

  • Heart failure.
  • Feeling dizzy.
  • Permanent tendency to nausea.
  • Vascular congestion.
  • Bouts of unexplained cramping.
  • The appearance of patches and rashes in some cases.

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