Benefits of cloves on the stomach

Clove, or as it is called in the Arabian Peninsula, is a multi-use natural plant 
. It is used in many fields in alternative medicine. It is also used as a cook in cooking, especially meat. It is 
cultivated all over the world. cloves on a lot 
of like vitamin KA, C, K also contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and 
has a great ability to relieve pain it is effective household ways to relieve pain in the absence of housing, 
studies have shown that the cloves also has the ability to Cancer prevention and reduction Its spread in the body.

Many studies have shown that when dealing with cloves on the stomach addresses many of the problems facing humans, 
such as fatigue, lethargy and laziness, and treats many diseases such as ulcers and diseases of the liver and stomach, as it reduces swelling, 
improves digestion, and also cloves, such as teeth and rheumatism when eating on the cheek , It can be used 
in home or home decorating due to its attractive smell.

It treats asthma, cough, indigestion and relieves congestion.

Clove is a powerful analgesic for toothache and tooth decay, as it has a great ability to remove decay and reduce 
inflammation of the gums.

Clove helps to treat heart disease, strengthen the immune system and regulate blood sugar.

Many studies have confirmed that cloves can help strengthen memory, improve general understanding and reduce stress and stress.

Clove can be taken by soaking it in water for a period of time or boiling. It uses the water in which the clove is placed 
in the rinse to treat the harmful bacteria in the mouth and eliminate the smell of unpleasant understanding or drink 
it to be used in the treatment of many diseases that affect the stomach and to stimulate the liver and relaxation of nerves, Contains 
eugenol, which acts as a moderator. Or by placing it right in the first hot beverage and put it 
directly on the position of pain in the teeth can also be added to cook many of the food.

Clove oil contains all the benefits found within the cloves and the aforementioned, and makes it oil to enter the 
alternative medicine and cosmetic fields and natural recipes.

Clove oil is made by grinding the seeds of cloves completely, adding them, mixing them well and exposing them to the sun.

The importance of clove oil for hair: The clove oil helps in the growth of hair by massage it in the hair scalp regulates the 
arrival of the blood circulation of the hair Venmua

Helps eliminate microbes and bacteria that cause the appearance .

It is not recommended to treat cloves in the case of bleeding as it contains the substance of eugenol, which stops the process of blood clotting and 
continued bleeding.

It is not recommended to take children to carnivorous as it is considered unsafe for them, which may cause problems in the liver.

Where it may work on sensitive irritation and increase.

Cloves may cause constipation and difficulty breathing, and studies warn that inhaling 
clove vapor directly may cause serious lung and respiratory problems.

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