Benefits and damage to back patches

The benefits and disadvantages of back patches and their reasons for use will be our subject today, there are a large number do not know what are those plasters on the back? What are their benefits and disadvantages? What are the situations that need to be used? Follow this article to learn more about Backpacking.

What are back patches?

Backpacking is one of the most important treatment methods used to treat severe back pain that is difficult to tolerate. These patches are a mixture of camphor, natural menthol and chili. This combination, when mixed with one another, helps to relieve acute pain and eliminate inflammation of the joints Back and spine causing pain.

Benefits and damage to back patches

These magic plasters are highly effective for the treatment of pain and back infections have many benefits that can be used in cases of pain in the lower back, which are the most important:

  • The back adhesive relieves back pain and spinal pain.
  • Contribute greatly to improve circulation, activation and flow in the back area, especially where the pain.
  • Back patches help to relax the body in general.
  • It is a magical treatment for the pain of the muscles of the body during acute colds.
  • It also eliminates bone infections and swollen veins in the back area as a result of colds in the bones or heavy objects.
  • It also eliminates muscle cramps and severe pain in the spine area.
  • These patches relieve many pains of dysmenorrhea and aches .
  • The most important benefits of these plasters are that they are used as an effective treatment in cases of delayed pregnancy.
  • It is also used in the treatment of muscle injuries to athletes.
  • It is also used in the treatment of shoulder and neck pain.
  • Back patches help to treat acute pain caused by erratic sleeping positions.

Benefits and damage to back patches

There are also some cases that warn against using them so as not to cause complications and serious damage, and the following will identify the benefits and damage to back patches, of which the most important

  1. Children under the age of 12 years.
  2. People with severe allergies in the skin do not even cause skin inflammation and redness due to the capsaicum material responsible for heat in chili.
  3. Do not put these plasters for women during the passage of pregnancy and lactation only after consulting with a doctor.
  4. It also warns against the use of people who eat pills containing supplements.
  5. Do not put it on the sensitive genital areas of women so as not to cause severe infections and irritation of the skin.
  6. It also prevents the skin on the face.
  7. Do not use on wounds, burns or possible back pain.

Benefits and damage to back patches

Method of using back adhesive

You can use back patches in case of severe back pain, taking into account situations that are not used, by following these steps:

– Clean the back area and make sure it is free of dust and excess fat. 
– The area of ​​the back is completely dried. 
– Remove the adhesive on the adhesive. 
– then placed on the affected back pain. 
– If the pain area is large, you can put more than one adhesive on the back. 
– At first you will feel some burning and heat after the situation and because of its components, and will burn after a few minutes, but if not remove the burning and the sense of itching and irritation in the skin, it must be removed immediately.

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