Basic steps to help your child reach the ideal body

The children’s eating habits differ from one child to another. Some children eat greedily and others do not eat very little food. Both are considered to be the wrong eating habits of children, which parents should look after and raise the child to eat the right amounts of food they need daily.

Dr. Noha Abou El Wafa, a pediatric consultant at Al-Ayni Palace and a member of the Egyptian Society of Pediatrics, offers easy tips to help the mother correct the children’s eating habits so that they can get their daily needs of minerals and vitamins through the food they eat:

Basic tips for feeding children

Interested in drinking milk for the child after the first year

Teach your child to wash your hands before meals

Cleaning your child’s teeth especially before bedtime

Do not overuse the child in eating sweets and canned foods

Getting the child to sleep for a regular number of hours a day

Breakfast is very important for the child to avoid

Regularity of meal schedules, which helps to regulate the movement of the stomach, and to make the most of the food.

Pay attention to foods rich in vitamins and minerals that help the child develop by age.

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