Basic foods to increase the fertility of men and women

Increased fertility in men or women is important after marriage, where the diet contributes significantly to raising fertility, and the reasons for the lack of fertility, says Dr. Ayham Kamel Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology due to obesity and lack of motor activity and psychological factors such as anxiety and tension, On fertility of women and men. For this reason, dietary modification and lifestyle change may improve fertility.

Today’s health site offers the most important foods that help to increase fertility for men and women


It is one of the most famous seafood and is the number one among foods containing zinc, and has proved effective in increasing sexual activity. It also contains amino acids: Aspartic acid and Aspartite, both contribute to the increase of secretion of testosterone in men and increase the hormone progesterone in women, and both hormones increase the sexual desire of the couple.

the strawberry

Studies have shown that eating strawberries or cherries helps to increase the lust of women and addresses the problems of men’s sexual weakness and is due to the containment of strawberries on zinc, which maintains the level of testosterone is important for the production of sperm.


A cup of pomegranate juice every day for two weeks is a breakthrough in the secretion of testosterone, which increases the desire of both males and females, the British newspaper Yale Mail reported in a recent study by researchers at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh . And addresses the weakness of men.


It is the best natural source of manganese. Manganese works to stimulate the enzymes that produce many of the reproductive hormones in the body. The low proportion of manganese in the body may cause some difficulties in pregnancy. Pineapples also contain huge amounts of enzymes that help improve digestion.

Chili pepper

It is mainly made up of capsaicin, which is responsible for giving its characteristic pepper. It stimulates the secretion of certain chemicals that raise the heart rate. It also increases the secretion of endorphins, which stimulates the feeling of desire in men.


It is a fruit of high nutritional value, containing large amounts of folic acid, which helps in the metabolism of protein. Avocado also contains vitamin B6, which increases the rate of secretion of male sex hormone, as well as it contributes to the promotion of sexual desire in women because it contains the element of potassium.

citrus fruits

Orange, yose and kiwi from sources rich in vitamin C is important to maintain the safety of sperm and prevent deformation and helps to regularize the process of ovulation to women

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