Banana diet for fast weight loss

The ideal weight has become a mania for girls in general. The higher the weight of one kilo, the quicker one will find the best diet for fast weight loss. Among these dieters is the fast-weight bananas diet ; it is widely recognized as the one given by water dieters. Dieting was launched from Japan for the first time; and due to the great demand we have been going to talk about it closely.

Banana diet for fast weight loss

It is also known as the banana bananas or Japanese banana diet, which is credited to leading Japanese nutrition experts for the first time. This diet plays an effective role in the elimination of excess weight in the body, but it is recommended not to repeat it after completion of the prescribed period It should be noted that many of those who have experienced multiple diets in their diets have full knowledge that bananas are almost forbidden, but it is quite different here is the only thing allowed you.

Pros of banana diet

Every diet coupled with a lot of pros and cons at the same time, so it is necessary to identify the pros and cons of banana diet:

  • The body gives enough dose of magnesium and potassium minerals.
  • Is a necessary source of vitamins and energy.
  • It gives a sense of fullness and fullness, because of the abundance of starches in it.
  • Depends on it as a source of fiber.
  • Improves the mood of the person and protects him from depression.
  • Bananas contain important enzymes that stimulate digestion.
  • Reduce intestinal digestion time, thus improving metabolism.
  • The body is energized and full of starch.
  • Increases bowel movement better when taken with water.
  • It absorbs more soluble fiber, absorbing water as soon as it reaches the digestive system; digestion is generally slowed down.

The pros of banana diet

After completing the benefits of the banana diet, it became necessary to present its disadvantages as well.

  • Low levels of sugar in the bloodstream, because of the low proportion of sugars in it.
  • The inability to compensate for the lack of sugars during the banana diet; and the need to refrain from eating dairy, fruit and sugars in general.
  • Prevent the recurrence of this type of regimens after the expiry of the prescribed period of approximately 14 days.

The basics of banana diet

  • Drink plenty of water during the day, with at least 8-10 cups daily.
  • Eat fresh bananas in the diet and stay away from the freezer.
  • Bananas are eaten alone at breakfast, and for another meal you have to wait for 15-30 minutes.
  • Allow open meals at lunch and dinner.
  • Complete meals before 9pm.
  • You need to eat a snack or a snack, such as chocolate or fruit, but it should be one.
  • Utilizing Japanese dishes such as Japanese-style rice, this helps to get better results.
  • Refrain from eating sweets, especially after dinner.
  • Sleep early before midnight, getting enough sleep saves the body from stress.
  • The need to exercise daily, and refrain from painful sports for you.
  • Avoid fat, fries and salt.

Types of banana diet

There are many ways in which banana can be applied, including:

  • Milk-free and banana:

The secret lies in the effectiveness of this type of banana diet that the fruit of one banana contains 100 calories; the cup of milk is skimmed milk does not exceed the number of calories at 80 price, and when eating a meal of 2 fruit banana and a milk cup of skimmed; The number of calories consumed exceeds 900 calories.

  • Bananas only:

Japanese banana diet is mainly based on eating only bananas without milk, forcing the user to eat the fruits of bananas until feeling full in the morning, and the rest of the day will be according to the person’s own wishes.

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