Banana damage to diabetics

The diabetic thinks that he can eat many and may forget that there are fruits that have a lot of damage when eating, including bananas, but how to occur diabetes, begin to develop diabetes when the pancreas to the occurrence of imbalance in the production of insulin necessary and responsible for regulating the level of sugar in human blood and We will detail what the banana damages to diabetics and follow us.

Banana damage to diabetics

Banana damage to diabetics

One of the most important things to be warned of when diabetics are eating fruits full of carbohydrates.

There are many rumors about the harmful effects of eating bananas for diabetics, but must be adjusted for diabetes when eating in general.

As the carbohydrates involved in the formation of bananas work to raise the sugar in human blood.

The amount of carbohydrate intake is taken from the composition of carbohydrates with bananas and does not affect the diabetic.

Moderate intake of bananas does not affect diabetics, so a moderate amount may be added.

Where you will find that the food system for diabetics is different from normal human in many foods.

The rate of eating bananas for diabetic patients

Bananas for diabetics

A diabetic can eat a medium-size banana at the time of each meal, with one banana containing about 19 grams.

And the need of carbohydrates about 45 grams per meal, and it is better for the diabetic to not eat bananas in sweets.

So do not go up sugar for the specified, because the sugar is calculated in the whole meal.

It may occur that the person in the meal one of some foods that work to increase the sugar in human blood.

The doctors said that the rate of sugar in eating bananas is much lower when eating , so eating bananas allowed for diabetics.

But at a specific rate as determined by the doctor concerned with the condition of the patient.

Many studies have shown that the more mature the bananas, the more carbohydrates in bananas become sugars.

Which leads to an increase in the percentage of ripe bananas from the immature banana, and the rate of transformation is about 80% -90%.

Therefore, it is preferable not to eat ripe bananas by diabetics so as not to increase blood sugar and it does not feel.

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