Bad health habits that cause weight gain

There are many dietary habits, which some believe to be healthy and contribute to weight loss, but they contribute only to the destruction of health and weight gain in the long run Some of these habits or all are food diets followed by some:

First, the whole grain diet: Some people mistakenly believe that eating granola tablets instead of sugar reduces caloric rates, but this is completely wrong. They have higher amounts of sugar that can be replaced with honey with high nutritional value.

Second, eating vitamins and supplements : Some people think that eating supplements and vitamins in the form of pills instead of eating better, but the most healthy eating all elements of minerals and vitamins and carbohydrates from their natural sources because some supplements and vitamins are contained Fluids in the body therefore increase the excessive weight instead of decreasing it.

Third skip meals: Some believe that not eating meals such as breakfast, dinner or eating one meal per day helps in weight loss, but this does not help in weight loss and do not reduce the calories, as that skip one meal means excessive eating other meals, which increases Weight of course.

Fourth: The water of sugar-free flavor: It is the water of vitamin Some believe that it is free of sugar takes that water flavor of fruit, some eat after the exercise to supply energy Some of these packages write sugar-free, but those waters contain flavors that by nature sugary and Contribute to weight gain This should drink normal water or natural juice instead.

Fifth: Refrain from eating sweets : Some abstain in the diet to eat sweets absolutely, but sugars are important and useful for the body can be taken alternatives sweets of honey and chocolate on the day called (Day spoil the diet).

Sixth Soda Diet: Some people take it because it does not contain sugar and it is also sold to food diets, but this is a big mistake, it is just empty calories have no value, and the best abstinence from drinking soft drinks completely and replaced with natural juices.

7 Frozen meals for diet: Some resort to food products packaged on the cooking There are some products written to them for diets, but it lacks the necessary calories in addition to containing large amounts of sodium for the preservation and better preparation of food daily or prepare food in quantities and position The fridge.

Eighth: Take ready authorities: Being an authority that is useful in diet, but these authorities (such as tuna, chicken and shrimp salad) contain a lot of fat about 700 calories and 50 grams of fat in addition to full-fat mayonnaise, Or use low-fat mayonnaise.

Ninth Bottled water: Some people take it in food diet instead of ordinary water being clean, but the shock that it contains large amounts of bacteria and some chemical substances as a result of filling processes cause the weakness of metabolism and digestion and better use filter to filter the normal water.

X. Eating protein tablets : Many people resort to protein tablets, which appeared to be protein, but they are rich in calories, in addition to high sugar, you should eat foods containing protein, whether vegetable or animal, while reducing them by diet.

Eating smoked turkey slices: Make them a snack at lunch or dinner, but in fact contain a very large percentage of souds and the most healthy eating chicken or roast turkey or meat cuts in your meal is healthier and useful ..

Twelve Juices: Some of the juices are thought to be healthy and useful, but they contain high rates of sugar and the most correct eating fruits ..

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