Avoid these foods during the course

Increase menstrual pain due to eating some types of food and drinks, here is a list of what you avoid during:

1. Avoid sweets: Avoid sweets and replace them with a salad that contains certain vegetables that help you retain the energy that your body has and give you more. Here are the foods that contain pure carbohydrates and include the following: – Donuts are baked with honey or sherbet.

2 – Keep away from refined sugar – white rice – white bread – pasta, because these foods cause your poor condition during the menstrual cycle, and reduce energy in your body because of constipation and swelling that results from them. Conversely, foods with complex carbohydrate content such as whole grain bread, brown rice, and legumes can be eaten.

3 – Avoid salt: salt causes water retention within the body, resulting in increased swelling problem that you already suffer during that period with increasing your use of sodium. Foods that contain a high sodium content should be completely avoided: – French fries, soda.

4 – Fast food in restaurants: Must be away from eating outside the house during that period, where many restaurants add salt to give flavor to meals, and fast food restaurants offer foods that contain a high proportion of sodium, it is best to reduce the proportion of salt in your food on As much as possible during the menstrual cycle.

5. Avoid caffeine and alcohol: Avoid caffeine and alcohol during the menstrual cycle because these types work in reverse, causing the retention of water in the body where the body expelled with the blood, causing an increase in the flow.

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