Autism and isolation of your child from the outside world

Autism is a disease in children which is a neurological disorder due to dysfunction in the brain and affects the way the child speaks to others and the way of communication and interaction with the Hula.

The symptoms of autism vary from one child to another and to varying degrees. It must be known that the autistic child does not show any physical symptoms, only by working with others.

What are the symptoms of autism?

Autism in children as Qena differ degrees of appearance but remain some of the most common symptoms of autism:

– Weakness of the ability of children with autism to communicate with parents through consideration

– It may seem to the child that he did not hear some words of the parents or the surrounding

– Repeating the child with autism for certain things in a certain way and without consciousness

– The child may feel some discomfort when touching the body of a nation

– The tendency of the child to play alone and the desire to isolate others

Autism treatment

An autistic child needs a medical team to follow up from the first moment the child is diagnosed with autism. The team consists of a pediatrician, a psychiatrist, a speech therapist, a speech therapist and a children’s special needs trainer. The team develops a child training program and develops mental strength to help alleviate autism symptoms. In the Arab world, there are many autism treatment centers that provide assistance to children with autism.

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