Army assessment of loss of 5 kg per week

The Army Diet is a very popular diet in the West and specifically in the United States of America. It is a cruel diet that is not suitable for the long term. It is only suitable for urgent occasions. It may lose you 5 kg per week, about 20 Kg per month.

What is the army code?

The owners of this diet claim that they lose about 5 kilograms per week without practicing any kind of sport, or use a fat burner or any herbs or capsules for slimming, where they claim that dieting consists of a group of foods compatible with each other that increase the fat burning rate in The body is awesome and leads to a rapid loss of weight, and in fact this is one of the fastest types of dieting in the loss of weight, especially in the first period where the loss may reach up to twenty kilograms per month, this of course if you can commit severe punishment.Dieting is only for three days a week, while you stop for the other four days. You will be required to eat on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, then skip the rest of the week (Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday), although you do not need four days To follow the strict diet that they advise not to exceed 1400 calories in the four days, and see the owners of dieting that the commitment to diet for only three days makes the body away from entering the stage of famine and remains at the rate of burning speed at the highest degree.

Who will fix the army?

In the emergency situations you wish to lose the most kilos at the fastest opportunity, such as weddings, summer or young, the army is ready for those who want to lose weight quickly. The army’s diet is not for the faint of heart either. It is a bad dieter. Very dependent on very few calories, so it is not recommended for pregnant women, lactating women, elderly people, or people with health conditions or diseases related to malnutrition.

What are the advantages of army assessment?

Most diets are complex, contain lots of calculations and lots of foods, but army dieting is simple and easy. It does not require calculating calories or preparing strange and complex recipes, but the main advantage of army diet is its ability to lose weight very quickly and in a short time. Which encourages you to continue, another advantage is that it lasts only for three days, and finally contains many of the favorite foods enough that it contains ice cream daily, is not it? .

What are the disadvantages of Army Army?

Simply put, the army is a harsh, calorie-restricted diet. The most important problem is that it will alert you to hunger all the time. If you do not have an iron will, you will not be able to continue it for a long time, the army’s diet does not cover the calories that are recommended daily and 1200 calories. Do not cover all your food needs.

Components of army diet.

First day :Breakfast: Half Grapefruit – 2 tablespoons brown toast – 2 tablespoons peanut butter – 1 cup of green coffee. Food meal: half a carton of tuna strainer – a slice of brown toast – cup of coffee coffee (other tea).Dinner: 80 grams of meat – a cup of green beans – half a banana – a small apple – half a cup vanilla ice cream.the second day : Breakfast meal: boiled egg – slice toasted brown – half a banana.Food meal: Quraish cheese – boiled egg – 5 biscuits (mary biscuits) Dinner: Broccoli cup – 2 sauces – half cup of carrots – half a banana – half a cup vanilla ice cream.the third day :Meal: 5 biscuits – Cheddar cheese slice – small apple.Lunch: boiled egg – a twist slice built.Dinner: Tuna tray – half a banana – half a cup vanilla ice cream.- Dieting does not contain any Snacks and you must adhere to the maximum to ensure the best results, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh, you do not have to follow the same diet and cruel days are considered “Fry” eat what you want, provided that do not exceed 1500 calories , And for those who do not know how to calculate their calories, I advise them to follow one of the following food systems

Helpful tips when following army regulations 

– Follow the dieting literally, do not change or change in any way, specifically avoid eating foods that are not on the list, will not work dieting correctly, only when you follow him literally.- It is only natural to feel hungry, but only for three days, you can do it, even if you sympathize with those who do not have enough food to feed them.- Follow a healthy diet in the four days that do not follow the army diet provided that the maximum 1500 calories, I give your body a need of the nutrients it needs to compensate for the shortage that occurs in the first three days.Snacks are not allowed in the three days. Commit to the three meals every day. Do not eat anything else. Do this and you will lose weight very quickly. Any Snacks you take will reduce the weight loss you are dreaming of.- Do not succumb to temptations in the four days and eat too much food will only do your efforts for the rest of the week, so stay well the rest of the week Warning for re-feeding is not recommended (for pregnant women – nursing mothers – the elderly – who suffer from health problems related to malnutrition).

Conclusion: Army diet may be appropriate for those who have occasions and want to lose a lot of weight quickly, but it is not a diet you can keep it long, so if you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight benefit you in the long term, you should follow a balanced diet gives your body All the need of different nutrients.

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