Are you planning to get pregnant?

Pregnancy requires women to be healthy at best, and women usually begin to pay attention to the quality of the diet after confirming the occurrence of pregnancy, whether visiting the doctor or home pregnancy test and usually after a period of two weeks to a month of pregnancy or the onset of symptoms of early pregnancy , But the attention of women who plan to pregnancy should be concerned with the health food system as soon as they want pregnancy to guarantee themselves and the fetus better health,

stop smoking

Smoking is one of the most serious problems facing fetal health. Nicotine content in the cigarette can remain in the body for three months. Nicotine causes some abnormalities and congenital malformations of the fetus, and smoking can cause premature birth.

Folic acid

Folic acid is considered essential during the first three months of pregnancy . Folic acid helps in the formation of the nerves of the fetus. Folic acid is considered to be a substance produced by the body in the stomach, but during pregnancy, the mother needs double amounts. On folic acid during pregnancy planning and continued handling during the first three months of pregnancy.

Distance from raw meat 

Raw and immature meat contains many harmful bacteria that can cause the death of the fetus, and should be avoided when you are pregnant.

Stay away from mayonnaise

Mayonnaise consists of egg whites and contains salmonella bacteria that affect pregnancy, so keep away from foods that contain mayonnaise during pregnancy planning.

Take care of medications

Taking medications without the doctor’s advice may harm the fetus. You should tell your doctor about the medication you are taking to show you whether or not it affects the pregnancy and the fetus.

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