Are you considering quitting smoking? Start today

It seems difficult to quit smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products, but according to recent studies, if you think about taking the step, do not postpone it, because it will be easier today than any subsequent period. The number of people who quit smoking in the world is increasing, especially as tobacco consumption is associated with a range of serious diseases.1.3 million smokers have stopped tobacco consumption annually in recent years

It is reported that 40 per cent of smokers have quit smoking since 1965, and that 1.3 million smokers have stopped tobacco consumption annually in recent years.

When you decide to quit smoking, the first 3 days will be the hardest, but the difficulty is gradually reduced during this time. Eating too many foods rich in vitamin C and herbal tea such as chamomile and ginger will help relieve nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Since the first day of cessation of smoking will decrease breathing difficulties and decrease the rate of production of sputum, and you will find sleepiness during the night easier, acidity and trouble digestion less. Day after day will improve, and the respiratory system and the heart of the effects of smoking.

Medical reports have shown a link to smoking by increasing the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, increased waist circumference, respiratory disease, ulcers, heart, and stroke.

While the risk of heart disease and stroke is 38 percent less than five years after taking off cigarettes.

So, if you are thinking of never taking off today, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, water, fruit juices, herbs, seeds and nuts.

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