Are you afraid to send your child to nursery at an early age?

For several years, the dangers surrounding our children have not been as severe as they are now. Where the prevalence of good morals and virtues is much higher, this may justify the mothers’ great fear of their children.

But if anything increases beyond him, excessive fear may someday turn into a madness of control and hurt your children. You may cause your prevention to deprive your child of some of the important experiences on which his / her future will be built. One of these serious concerns for you and your child is to prevent the child from dealing with other children for fear of acquiring some negative behaviors from them.

Parents always think that caring for their child can not be true, but that they are responsible for it. This is true on the one hand that the child’s affection and affection from his parents since his early years can not be replaced in any way. This first care is what makes the child feel loved and valuable, and thus makes him a real value in society when he grows up.

There is no doubt that your unconditional love and care for your child are not worth any other care. But is my idea of ​​the form of care the child will receive as soon as he or she goes to nursery or school? Ensuring the safety of the system in place where your child is invited for hours is very important, and it helps greatly in helping you to leave the child with other children who communicate with him and get the appropriate cognitive experience of his age.

Mother, whatever culture and learning, can not be everything in the lives of her children. Therefore, we have the teachers and trainers of communication and human development and the truth is that without the existence of care from different quarters in our schools and centers when we were children, it has become a teacher and a doctor and a technical expert and accountant and the like.

Also, learning that day care for 3-year-olds is a great opportunity for your baby to grow and develop. Where he receives guidance and guidance from professionals specializing in the arts and literature of education. They are trained so that they can deal with all the behavioral problems of children.

In addition, these centers and facilities provide your child with the opportunity to communicate with other children of the same age in a healthy framework free of impurities and behavioral disasters. This develops the social communication skills of the child since his youth to be able to interact with the community when he moves to the adult world. If your child is alone or older than his siblings for many years, you should seriously consider putting him in a child care center.

Another important thing that I want to let your child interact with the community since its very first year is that – even if it bothers you – there is no escape from leaving the world, to school first and then to the university and different fields of work. As you see it will reduce the admission to a care center from a young age shock the accession to the strict school system and the following. His involvement with other children will enable him to get used to their participation in various school activities in particular, and life activities in general.

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