Are men menstrual cycle?

Do men have a menstrual cycle? We all know that women are coming, but is it reasonable to have a men’s menstrual cycle? But the difference between men’s menstrual cycle and female menstrual cycle is the descent of blood. The man comes to the menstrual cycle as it comes to the woman, but without menstruation or blood.PMS in men

  • There are some signs common to men and women in menstrual cycle such as
  • As well as headaches in addition to some psychological symptoms
  • From depression and a feeling of anger. This may make us remember that he often complains to some men
  • Of pain at the bottom in periods without knowing the cause.
  • During this period, the man will suffer from a very sad feeling.
  • He will also notice his intense nervous behavior.
  • It will also suffer from exposure to pain in the lower back.
  • Knee pain is one of the most common symptoms.

However, the man will not feel these symptoms every month but will feel them at any time is not fixed and can occur more than once a month.Men ‘s Monthly Cycle

All functions of the body, mind and mood of man in general.

Fifty men and fifty females and proved in the results that symptoms are more severe with the man unlike women during the days of the session

But some doctors comment that he did not confirm hours or monthly days when there was an unfavorable imbalance of the man’s levels

Or any change in the man but the expectations may be true or false.

Of course, there is a big difference between the menstrual cycle for women and other men, the man has a lot of hormonal cycles and not only a monthly cycle, including the following:

  • Testosterone or masculine, which varies 4 or 5 times with each hour.
  • There is a big rise in the male hormone in the morning and in the evening suffers from deficiency.
  • Male hormone also varies greatly throughout the month.
  • Studies have also confirmed that the male hormone is also different throughout the whole year. It is at its lowest level during the month of April and the highest level in November.

Men menstrual cycle

Work and family and they observed this command frequently every month

But can a man’s actions and emotions be justified during these days of the session as justiciable in some Western countries when committing crimes?

Since there was no scientific evidence of any change in the hormones of the man at specific times during the month and that it is still in the role of study

So the police have begun to prepare more in these days.

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and after him urged many of the clerics to fast, especially in the late month of the lunar month, to fast one mid-every month, and that Allaah has enjoined fasting on us to get rid of excess fluid in the body, And it is not disposed of without fasting, and of course, the man is not distinctive to the woman is final, the other comes a monthly cycle even if not menstruating Vrsul Allah peace be upon him told us that women lack the mind of religion did not intend to offend women.

But it was clear that women do not fast or pray during the menstrual period and increase their nervousness during that period, and we find that the man suffers from these problems also so there is no discrimination on the other side in terms of religion, all in religion and in reward and punishment with God Almighty.

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