Anal fistula and sting … Is fistula dangerous

Have you ever heard of fistula? In fact, I had no idea of ​​fistula. When I heard him mingling with it , I discovered that there was a big difference between hemorrhoids and fistulas. I think the vast majority of people Like me, who do not know the truth of this annoying and embarrassing disease, there is an anal fistula and another stingy we will talk about, and we will try to understand together the natural disease, its symptoms, causes and treatment methods and answer this question Is fistula dangerous.Anal fistula

Is fistula dangerous to answer this question that concerns our dear readers, we will try to provide an overview of the fistula disease to understand what it is, and the beginning of the talk is the definition of fistula in a simple way, it is a tunnel occurs unusually, and fistula reaches the anal canal, and the surface together, and occurs Often due to negligence in the treatment of abscess appeared in that region, resulting in erosion in the wall of tissue that connects the anal canal and surface skin, and shows fistula, and this definition of anal fistula.

The fistula or poetic fistula is one type of fistula and differs from the anal, in that it is a pool of hair in a bag, and this sac grows inside the skin, specifically in the area that mediate the thighs, and separated them before the end of the spine, in what is known as “vertebrae.”Is fistula dangerous

Hemorrhoids occur as a result of abnormalities in the blood vessels in the rectal area at the end and associated with an opening of the anus to expand the size and more unusual, and can be similar to varicose veins, but with the difference that varicose veins spread throughout the body unlike the hemorrhoids, which are concentrated in one area.

  • Note that there is a significant swelling around the anus.
  • Some blood points are mixed with stool.
  •  Inflammation of the skin around the anus.
  • Abscess appeared in that area repeatedly despite treatment more than once.
  • Feeling sore in the anus, especially during defecation.
  1. Take care to take water daily at least 6 cups.
  2. Eat healthy and saturated with fiber, so as to avoid constipation.
  3. Attention to personal hygiene.
  4.  If you feel pain in the anal area, you should not be embarrassed, and go to the doctor to discover an early solution, because if the fistula is not treated and neglected, it becomes more dangerous and becomes a threat to human health.

Fistula disease is not a risk in itself, because it is easier to treat in more than one way, but the risk lies in the neglect of treatment and here the problem is exacerbated and resulting in many damage and health problems.

  •  The problem may be exacerbated to spread and affect the anal muscles, and consequently the patient may lose control of the stool
  • Frequent fistula infection will increase the size of the duct and destroy all the tissues around it.
  • The patient will have very severe pain that will lose control of their life.

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