An outbreak of measles in New York City highlights the risk of non-use of vaccines in children

More than 175 new measles cases, already declared to be completely eradicated in the United States in 2000, have been registered, most of them in Rockland County, New York City, a predominantly Eastern Jewish area.Measles

According to US officials, the main reason for this outbreak is the failure of a segment of the province’s population to give their children a measles vaccine, either for religious reasons or in response to campaigns to mislead the province of vaccines.

“We have always confirmed and reiterated that the vaccine does not cause other diseases, does not lead to autism, and that vaccine manufacturing is no longer used for embryonic tissue,” says Patricia Schnabel Robert, health director of Rockland County. “Some continue to reject their children. ‘

As US officials seek to contain the largest outbreak of measles in more than 20 years, experts stress that children should be vaccinated according to vaccine programs in each country, and not to be mindful of suspicious campaigns calling for children not to be immunized under false and misleading pretexts.

Source: Agencies

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