Allergy to the nose, causes of allergic rhinitis, symptoms of allergic rhinitis, treatment

Allergic rhinitis Sometimes infected by some people because of eating certain types of foods and know the real cause of injury helps you treat the sensitivity of the nose easier and faster, for example, when you eat food containing the nose may begin to cold and may be the cause of the fungus Candida or infection of intestines .Allergy photos of the nose

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis

  • Clearance
  • Sneezing nasal cavity infections
  • Itchy skin
  • Frequent tears of the eye
  • Symptoms of allergic rhinitis are worse when pollen are spread

Foods that help treat allergic rhinitis

Allergy to the nose

  • To help get rid of allergic rhinitis, eat onion, radish, crispy fruit, vegetables and natural juices.
  • If you are allergic to wheat, take rice, amaranth, rye, yogurt, kebabs, and wheat free pasta.
  • Eat organic rice, soybeans, goat milk, walnuts and oatmeal with attention because soy milk may increase mucus in some patients.

Treatment of allergic rhinitis

Treatment of allergic rhinitis

  • Eat 5 grams of vitamin C in ascorbic compound daily and 500 to 2 grams of pantothenic, B5, when your nose becomes more sensitive.
  • Take 500 mg to 2 mg of bioflavonate.
  • Take 500 milligrams of bromelain, which helps you get rid of mucus, reduce the effect and make you feel comfortable.
  • Eat nectar 3 times daily to relieve allergy symptoms.
  • Take 400 milligrams 3 times a day of corsetin to help relieve allergic rhinitis when symptoms increase.
  • A lot of people with asthma and allergies take the extract of the rye plant called Uralsat to maintain the respiratory functions of exposure to allergy symptoms. Eat it 3 times below the tongue. Stay for 30 seconds 3 times a day for adults and children. One point below the tongue helps greatly in healing.
  • I use a nasal spray to help relieve headaches, headaches and congestion.
  • Use air ionizers to clean the air of the house to get rid of dirt and odors that can cause you allergies.
  • Use New Era’s Nat Mur solution to soothe soreness.

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