All you want to know about natural childbirth

It is known that natural methods are always better for the body and its health. This means that natural birth is better than Caesarean. Unless the competent doctor requests that a woman give birth to a Caesarean, it is preferable for her to give birth naturally.

Child exit by natural birth:

The pregnant woman begins to enter the labor stage when the child is born and is accompanied by stomach cramps every five minutes. This means that the body is ready to push the child outside. The cervix begins to expand gradually to open up to a diameter of about ten centimeters. It becomes less fish and this process is called cervical excision and then the woman must start to pay for the child to come out.

Methods of Natural Birth Pain Relief:

Topical anesthesia:

The needle is injected into the vagina to numb the vulva nerve. This method contributes to pain relief and keeps the mother from feeling contractions so that she can push the fetus out of her body easily.

Intravenous injection:

It is not recommended in this way because it causes drowsiness of the mother and nausea and feelings of pain as it negatively affects the fetus because the amount of it enters the blood and the same symptoms.

Anesthesia of epidural obstruction:

It is the most common method used in both natural and caesarean delivery, in which spinal cord nerves are injected in the lower back. They also make the woman numb and maintain her muscular strength so that she can easily push the fetus out of her body. It is negative.

Caesarean delivery :

There are some cases where it is not useful for the mother to give birth to her child through normal birth, such as the position of the fetus inside the uterus. In this case, the doctor believes that the birth of the child must be done by Caesarean delivery because it is safer for the mother and fetus and avoid the occurrence of problems during normal birth .

Tips to Work After Natural Birth:

– Get out of bed and walk a little because this contributes to the blood pumping in the legs and prevents blood aggregations from appearing in them.

– Teaching the mother how to breastfeed her child properly and ways to care for him.

– Communicate with your doctor immediately if your vaginal bleeding is severe or the smell of the discharge is unpleasant.

– Do not worry about feeling pain in the genital area after birth because this will last for days or two weeks.

– It is necessary to stay away from intimate relationship with the husband during puberty. It is preferable to be six weeks if the birth is normal. If a caesarean is the doctor, it will determine the duration.

– Be careful to consult your doctor about the symptoms of depression and mood swings after birth until the mother advises what to do to get rid of them.

Therefore, you should not specify the quality of the birth on your own, but the doctor should determine the same because the quality of birth may pose a danger to you and your fetus and you may not know the size of this risk and not ways to avoid.

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