All you need to know about the epidural injection

An injection of ephedoral or anesthetic in the back is given to more than half of the women before the birth to reduce labor pain. But despite its proven integrity and general approval by doctors, many women are reluctant to accept it. The reason for this reluctance in most women is the fear of feeling weak after birth and secondly, for fear of their safety and the safety of their babies. If you suffer from this frequency, and you have other questions in your mind, here is an answer to the most common ones from Dr. Mona Sabra, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics.

What is the effect of Ibidoral on pregnant women and their children?

Ephedoral may extend the pregnancy payment period to a pregnant woman by 20 minutes. In a few cases they can also raise their temperature, which may confuse the doctor, because then it will not be known whether the heat is caused by the epidural or because of the transmission of an infection. As for the child, the doctors did not find any complications that may be affected by the injection.

Is it painful?

Although women are more afraid of receiving ibuproyal than their fear of giving birth, when they get it, they say the process was easier than going through even one contraction. Women are often afraid of the size of the injection, but a small injectable injection is given before the epidural so there is no need to worry. The injection takes about 5 minutes to reach the peak after 10 minutes.

How is Ibidoral given?

Most often the pregnant woman is asked to sit down. Helps the nurse in charge to take the necessary position. A detergent is placed on the skin, then the substance is injected, and the epidural is injected into this area. The fluid is inserted into the bone and the syringe is removed. Then, lie down on her back and reach a pump that refills the epidural fluid until birth.

What happens if the pregnant woman moves or feels constricted while receiving the syringe?

The contractions may be repeated at a rate of constriction every two minutes, but it is impossible to provide ephedoral if the contraction is so intense. You may feel some of them, but that’s okay, because the injection process is not that sensitive. If some women move during the procedure, this will only slow the doctor, but most women can stay steady.

How does a doctor know that she is in the right place and does not hit the nerves or bone marrow?

The doctor knows the area of ​​the epidural because it feels a change in the needle when it is connected to this area. When this area is found, it will not take more than 60 seconds. But the possibility of this may be true. The spinal cord covers the ephedoral area, but getting the injection into the area is not supposed to be harmful, so you may not notice when the doctor will inject the spinal column.

Can women walk and move after injection?

You may feel some numbness in her legs and some weakness at this time, if it is not safe to walk around the hallway at this time. Although some hospitals give an epidural that allows movement and walking, it is best to have a bed during the whole labor period.

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