Adrenal diet to lose weight quickly

There are several girls who suffer from weight gain, especially in the abdomen and buttocks and this problem is exacerbated more when they accept marriage because each girl wants to be in the sweetest and most beautiful picture possible and for that the bride may resort to several means to lose weight But these means often can not do what they hope or take too long.

Fatty diet:

Is a diet for brides only and takes seven days with the possibility of repeating three consecutive times, provided that there is a time interval of at least one or three days at most for rest and following this diet will be able to lose weight by ten or fifteen Kg is the majority of fat that accumulates in the abdomen and buttocks.

Dietary program:

First day :

Toeschbz Mahmast slice – one hundred grams of cheese – free or low – fat – tea or coffee without sugar. 
half a chicken , boiled or grilled – salad vegetables – boiled vegetables. 
Meal dinner: 
pack yogurt Free or low fat – a glass of orange juice.

Day Two:

two eggs Msellouktan – tea. 
big fish , boiled or grilled – dish salad vegetables. 
Meal dinner: 
toasted bread – cheese – tea or coffee.

Day Three:

boiled egg – orange fruit – tea or coffee. 
Lunch: a 
piece of meat boiled or grilled – the fruit of cucumber or tomato. 
Meal dinner: 
toasted bread – a cup of milk – free or low – fat.

Day Four:

slice toast – cheese slice – tea or coffee. 
one type of fruit as desired. 
Third: dinner meal: 
slice toast – a cup of milk – free or low – fat.

Day 5:

seven beads pass – a cup of coffee. 
grilled chicken without skin, preferably from the chest. 
Meal dinner: 
slice toast – three eggs boiled.

Day 6:

Choose as you want from any day of the previous days. The 
seventh day: 
half a loaf – cheese – orange juice. 
meat or boiled chicken or roast – a cup of milk – free or low – fat. 
Meal Dinner: 
Choose as you want from any day of the previous days.

Tips to follow in order to succeed a virginal diet

– The program does not frequentative for more than three consecutive three weeks 
maximum. – If you feel hungry while you follow the program between meals Vtnola fruit 
apple. – Do not use sugar and sweetener if necessary Fastkhaddma your sugar 
Baltkhsais. – You should be interested in physical and motor activities and to calculate your weight well based on your height and age and the extent to which your body is able to reduce the weight required.

Do not hesitate to consult with your physician before you follow this diet or any other diet program because it may not be compatible with your health and your body and cause serious complications for you.

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