Adolescents and fast food .. the problem of treating you with your hand

Adolescence is the bridge through which our children move into masculinity and full maturity, that bridge, if not strong enough. It is natural that the health of our young people gradually collapses and falls. What we need to know is how to avoid the collapse of this bridge. How can we also pass through our homeland to safety?

  • What is the importance of this stage?

This stage usually begins between the ages of 13 and 19 years. During this period turns the body of adolescents to mature and be similar to the adult body. At this stage, the peak of growth, ie, the period in which the height increases significantly and large as well as sudden hormonal changes need special attention, especially proper nutrition.

Although the amount of food adolescents should consume at this age is significant, their quality is the most important. It is necessary to secure all nutrients because adolescence is the last chance for a person to build a healthy body accompanied by the rest of his life.

Teenagers at this young age often refuse to eat certain meals to prove their personality, and may resort to junk food, especially as they are readily available, such as ready-made potatoes, sweets and ready-made sandwiches. These types are completely nutritious and contain many saturated fats that lead to weight gain And also to malnutrition.

  • What is the risk of eating junk food specifically in adolescence?

But it takes the place of a healthy element of nutrients such as; fresh or dried fruits or grilled potatoes, even boiled pasta or cornflakes .

  • Does the food drink have any harm to the teenager or is it permissible to eat it?

Our Eastern and Arab societies have some dietary habits that never existed before, such as soft drinks and powdered industrial juice, so that many adolescents eat more than 4 cups a day at any time and are always accompanied by meals – especially fast food – Place useful water and natural juices, they lead to indigestion and bloating and lack of absorption of food in a healthy manner, and may lead to osteoporosis.

Sweets or sugars, which are attractive in many ways and are tempting to eat, add to it a lot of fat and flavors that are often industrial to give it a unique taste. It poses a serious threat to public health and adolescent health in particular.

The issue increases the seriousness of the lack of movement with the progress of civilization and the existence of well-being and also the lack of exercise and may be out of our will due to the increased burden of study and lack of time.

  • Is sports necessary for a teenager?

Despite the multiplicity of sports programs and means of submission, we find that the teenager does not provide them only at certain times in the year, that is not within the daily program, and of course, a lot of problems, whether psychological or physical. Therefore, it is necessary to encourage parents to work and to cultivate the love of sport in it since childhood.

  • Is breakfast important at this stage?

Usually we see that the teenager does not eat breakfast despite its importance for him, he is always in a hurry, and the problem is that without this meal they begin their day in idle and lazy and find them in the middle of the day feel the weight of their school day and they are unable to complete the day.

Finally …

Parents who do not eat breakfast often have their children. The frequent eating of unhealthy meals between the main meals is the main factor in weight gain. It is in a vicious cycle where the teenager abstains from eating nutritious foods. To get into anything else when he feels hungry. However, they consider fruit to be secondary, causing many problems for their health, such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which unfortunately show severe consequences at adulthood.

My great lady, you are creating a great generation of our young children, and with your hands you can maintain their health and determine the fate of their future lives, never neglect to help them and guide them always with the heart of the compassionate mother

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