Acidity and constipation during pregnancy and how to eliminate it

Pregnant women undergo several changes and difficulties in the first months of pregnancy. The most prominent of these problems are constipation and acidity of the stomach. These problems are caused by hormonal and physical changes during pregnancy, during which the hormone levels increase and the stomach muscles relax and rise, making you feel Difficulty breathing, burning in the mouth and inability to eat due to acidity, which can lead to constipation.

So Madame will give you the best tips that will help you overcome acidity and constipation during the months of pregnancy especially the first months.

– Tips to help you overcome acidity and constipation during pregnancy months:

– Divide your meals into five meals, which helps ease the stomach and the ability of the stomach to digest food better and also facilitates the process of expulsion of waste outside the body easily without constipation.

Avoid eating hot foods, spices, citrus fruits and hot peppers, which mainly cause burning in the stomach, irritability, difficulty in breathing, acidity, inflammation of the bladder, fluid filtering in the body, causing dryness and constipation.

– Avoid eating fried foods and foods high in fat because of its side effects on the stomach and intestines are foods difficult to digest and stay long in the stomach, causing high acidity in the stomach and feeling heavy and narrow.

– Take care to eat fresh vegetables, especially leafy vegetables. It is considered a laxative for the stomach and has a great role in accelerating the digestion of food.

– Eat fresh fruits are rich in fiber, which helps digest food and break the acidity of the stomach and is soft and easy in the case of constipation.

– Reduce the intake of soft drinks that cause acidity and act on the swelling of the abdomen

– Avoid eating salty foods and pickles, it increases the acidity of the stomach and also cause the disposal of fluids in the body leading to severe constipation.

– Drink water in large quantities and liquids and natural juices frequently, they reduce acidity and reduce the incidence of it, and works to soften the body waste.

– Eating lots of whole grains and oatmeal is a fiber-rich food that helps the stomach to digest and work in an orderly manner, and it has a role in the provision of soft waste that helps the disposal of waste easily.

– Eat food while sitting straight back, and do not eat while lying on your back.

 – Avoid sleeping immediately after eating, but after half an hour of eating.

Avoid caffeine-rich beverages such as coffee and tea. They cause acidity in the stomach and cause insomnia and constipation.

– Be careful to keep eating two tablespoons of honey dissolved in a cup of water in the morning It works to lining the stomach and intestines, which helps in

 Reduce acidity and prevent constipation.

– Refrain from eating irritants of the stomach such as smoking and drink alcohol-rich drinks and everything that harms the stomach.

– The need to take supplements, vitamins and folic acid, after consultation with the doctor.

We have given you the best advice that will help you overcome acidity and constipation during the months of pregnancy especially the first months.

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