Abdominal exercises after cesarean delivery

Post-caesarean section and abdominal tummy tucks How can the tummy tuck be pulled after birth? What is the most appropriate period in which tummy tuck can be exercised after cesarean delivery?

Considered abdominal Atralat after cesarean delivery of things annoying for women after birth, says Dr. Attia Abu Naga consultant gynecologist that date practice exercises after childbirth varies depending on the health status of women and their vulnerability to internal wound or external to the process of caesarean section or natural birth Zvi Most times can exercise tightening exercises Abdominal after birthwithin two weeks of delivery in the case of normal delivery.

In cases of caesarean delivery, it may take up to two months before Caesarean delivery. For the most part, consult your doctor before beginning to practice these exercises so as not to tear the ligaments as ligaments back.

You should also pay attention to a balanced diet rich in vitamins, low-fat minerals and calories to help with tummy tuck, slimming and postpartum weight gain.

To do this, you should increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, reduce your processed foods, your desserts and sweets, and reduce your meal size.

And to get rid of tummy tuck after birth gives your health today tips to help you get rid of this problem:

– Stop fatty and fatty foods and replace them with boiled or grilled foods

– Do not neglect the three main meals to maintain your health and your baby

– Reduce the intake of sweets, and replace natural sugar with sugar substitutes with less calories.

– Abstain sitting in front of the television for long periods, increasing the appetite for the kidneys that increase weight

– Keep exercising, abdominal exercises, walking, are the best means to get rid of the abdomen.

– Be careful to get rid of the abdomen gradually, and disposal of it quickly may lead to many complications.

– Drink large amounts of water to compensate fluids in the body

– Avoid dieting drugs and replace them with a healthy and balanced diet system.

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