Abdominal cracks in pregnant women .. Causes and treatment

Aside from the risk of using creams and chemicals during pregnancy, Madam offers you the best natural and safe way to taut skin to reduce cracks in the abdomen and white lines. 
But first of all, let’s first get to know the causes of these cracks in the abdomen. 
Causes of cracks and white lines in the abdomen during pregnancy. 
It is known that pregnancy causes a change in the secretion of hormones, which affects the skin and cause itching, cracks and the appearance of white lines in the abdominal area, especially the lower region From the abdomen. 
The percentage of cracks from one holder to another depending on the quality of the skin and the nature of the body, and inheritance has a role in it, and these cracks are much less after birth, but also depending on the nature of the body and skin quality.

The best natural tips and methods for treating abdominal cracks and white lines during pregnancy .

1. In the beginning you should refer to your doctor when you complain of any itching or cracks in the skin, to make sure that it is normal and not the result of a defect or problem you have, and then you can work with the following tips to overcome itching and skin cracks.

2. Drink water in sufficient quantities, can provide the necessary moisturizing of the skin and eliminate the dryness that causes itching and cracks in the abdomen. 
3. Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, especially rich in vitamin C, such as strawberries, lemons, red cabbage, kiwi, sweet potatoes, basil and radishes.

4. Use natural moisturizing creams as olive oil to gently moisten the abdomen. The oil provides moisturizing and nourishment for the skin and protects it from cracking and dehydration. It is also preferable to keep the oil fat even after birth, but with good massage as it works to rearrange the fat cells and remove the abdomen beside moisturizing and concealment. Cracks and white lines. 
5. Avoid exposing your belly to the sun, as it increases the dryness of the skin especially that the skin in pregnancy is more sensitive, and immediately immediately wash it with cold water, drying it gently and without rubbing, and then put olive oil to moisturize the area.

6. Reduce the intake of salts in food, do not use them in skin peeling during pregnancy and replace it with sugar because it is gentler on the skin, but once a month not more, and use it with caution and gently and without rubbing, and put oil after it to provide the necessary moisturizing of the skin.

7. It is good to take your daily bath as you do before pregnancy, to give the skin the necessary daily moisturizing, and do not forget to reduce it with a light touch of oil. 
Follow my lady to apply these tips during your pregnancy to save yourself a lot and keep your beauty, and we are happy to receive your questions and inquiries to find the answer with us .

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