A study comparing women’s chances of carrying fish with and without fish

Some people believe that the quality of food has a significant impact on an individual’s sexual desire, but others believe that food does not play this role, and therefore, it is about non-academic views.

Specialized medical research has revealed that diets in which fish are brought in significantly help to stimulate sexual desire, according to the website The Thes Insider.

A study at Harvard University in the United States, 501 couples who wanted to conceive, asked them to register their seafood, as well as monitor their other diets and sexual activities.

These couples were kept in contact for a year, and some participants were followed up until pregnancy.

The results showed that couples who ate fish twice or more a week were 22 percent more likely to have sex than those who did not eat seafood.

The study found that 92 percent of couples who ate fish twice a week were able to achieve pregnancy, but only 79 percent of those who ate less fish.

The fish contains substances useful for human health of omega-3 fatty acids, along with protein, vitamins and iron, and women who have sexual relationship need these materials until they become pregnant, according to the American Association of Pregnancy.

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