A severe diet is fast and healthy

Many people are looking for quick ways to lose weight no matter how hard they are to get fit and healthy weight. But some of these diets are so severe that they affect human health because they lack many nutrients. I offer you my lady in an article on a fast, but very healthy diet program.

– High-speed diet:

The method we offer in this article is harsh but it is characterized by its speed and that it can reduce several kilograms a week and yet it is healthy and does not deprive the body of the nutrients it needs.

– Important tips when following this diet:

– Walk for fifteen minutes every day to improve the functions of the body and stimulate the muscles and the circulation of blood circulation.

– Drink plenty of water with at least eight glasses each day.

If you want to drink tea, coffee, and herbs, do not use sugar and do not eat too much.

– Do not eat sweets of various kinds because it will work on the failure of the diet or at least make the results of slow verification.

– You can eat a snack or an option two hours before meal, as you can also between meals.

When you eat, eat it slowly and do not swallow it without chewing until you feel full faster and eat less.

– Take the herbal slimming to avoid the incidence of constipation

– The following is a diet system divided by weekdays:

– Breakfast is available throughout the week:

Two boiled eggs – cucumber fruit – Mortadella slices.

– First day:

the lunch:

Vegetable salad dish without carrots or tomatoes.

the Dinner:

Grilled meat free of salt – yogurt.

– the second day:

the lunch:

Grilled or boiled chicken – yogurt with a spoonful of flaxseed.

the Dinner:

Two boiled eggs – salad made of lettuce, pepper, cucumber, parsley and cabbage.

– the third day:

the lunch:

Skimmed cheese or cheese of 80 grams.

the Dinner:

Grilled or grilled chicken or minced or grilled meat.

– the fourth day:

the lunch:

Kiwi fruit or two fruit juice – a small salad dish

the Dinner:

Tuna can be added to the water and filtered with oil – a yogurt can be added with one tablespoon flaxseed.

– The fifth day:

the lunch:

Vegetable boiled without salt or a small amount – lemon juice.

the Dinner:

Shrimp or Tuna Oil Refinery or Fish – Salads Vegetables – Yogurt.

– the sixth day:

the lunch:

Boiled meat – vegetable salad with added flaxseed.

the Dinner:

A Shawarma dish without bread. Juice is extinct

– the seventh day:

the lunch:

Boiled Chicken – Green Salad – Milk.

the Dinner:

Sliced ​​slices – milk.

As we have explained that this system is fast because it makes the body lose several kilograms a week and it depends on the abundance of physical activity and lack of food, but nevertheless it gives the body all the elements and minerals and vitamins that need but must Follow after consultation with the specialist doctor because there are some physical diseases may conflict with him and the pregnant woman can not follow him because of the danger to her and the health of her baby.

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