A recent study: Transforming cancer cells into fatty cells may help stop the spread of cancer

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Researchers have created a new drug mix that helps convert cancerous cancer cells into breast cells, and treatment has shown initial success in mice.

Metastasis is a cancerous cell that leaves the original cancer site and migrates to other sites in the body and causes cancer in it. This mechanism is a major cause of cancer death.

Cancer cells have the ability to switch from a static cell to a cell that can move and invade new tissues, and the new drug forces the cancer cell instead to switch to a fat cell that is unable to split or move.

The researchers plan to conduct future studies on this drug in conjunction with the available chemical treatments, in order to curb the growth of primary breast cancers, and prevent them from the formation of tumors and a lethal tumor.

The study was conducted by researchers from the Swiss University of Basel, and was recently published in the journal Cancer Cell.

Source: Medical News Today


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