A recent study: This magic figure in human life!

The sense of job security and life in general must be within the age of 39, ie on the threshold of forty, according to a recent study in Britain.

This means that young people in their twenties or early thirties do not have a problem if their details are not clearly articulated, and the sense of chaos should not frighten them.

But if you are over thirty-nine, and still distracted, you can feel a little regret.

The study was carried out by a life insurance company, where researchers surveyed 2,000 people to find out what age of a person’s life must be most stable and safe.

According to the study, the average British man at the age of 39 should have found his career and form his philosophy of life and woven his social relationships, and of course many things must have been arranged from earlier.

The study suggests that by the age of 29 we must have a secure group of friends, and by the age of 31, we must have met who we love or who will be our future partner.

Forty-four percent of the respondents said they did not feel that their lives had been settled sufficiently or satisfactorily. While 25 percent said their emotional experiences were disastrous.

74 percent admitted that they spent most of their lives postponing things, rather than working on immediate completion.

A small percentage of respondents, about 16 percent, said they did not want to spend time exaggerating things to worry about life.

Of the 14 to 18-year-olds, 14 percent said they were too small to worry about the future and were focusing on having a fun time.

In all circumstances, you are not alone in the details of a life full of stress and duties. Seventy-eight percent said they struggle daily to cope with the stresses and hardships of life. Many of these pressures come from officials at work and relate to how to better manage life.

In general, whether it is the age of 39, before or after it, chaos and anxiety in life are relative things in which age may not have a role even if the general circumstances are similar.

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