A recent study: Drinking sugary drinks on a daily basis is associated with an increased risk of death

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – A single sugar drink a day is linked to an increased risk of dying from heart disease or even cancer, a recent study found.

The researchers examined dietary data for a large number of people over 28 years for males and 34 years for females. They found that eating two or more diabetics a day was associated with an increased risk of death by 31% due to cardiovascular disease and a 16% cancer.

It is worth mentioning that the relationship was not strong between drinking sweetened with low-calorie local foods and increasing the risk of death. The risk of death for any cause did not exceed 4%, while the increase in mortality due to cardiovascular disease was about 13%.

However, one of the shortcomings of the study was that they relied on the participants themselves to estimate their intake of sugary drinks, so their results may not be conclusive or accurate.

However, the results of the study provide further evidence of the evidence available about the relationship of sugar to poor health, and the need to replace sugary drinks with fresh water.

The study was conducted by researchers from Harvard University of America, China’s Haozong University, and the University of Calgary, Canada, and was recently published in Circulation.

Source: British National Health Service (NHS)

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