A recent study: Age does not affect a person’s ability to create, but in the form of creativity and type

A recent study, which included the study of 31 winners of the Nobel Prize in economics, found that creativity does not decline over the years, but rather changes from one form to another.

According to researchers, in his early years, the creator focuses on conceptual innovation that defies conventional judgments and brings new ideas. In his later years, the creator focuses on experimental innovation, employing his knowledge to find new ways to analyze, interpret and understand the results.

The researchers point out that the results of their study may not be limited to creators in the economy, but in various other scientific fields.

According to the researchers, the peak of creativity may occur between the twenties to fifties, and be in the middle mid-thirties or early forties.

The results of the study were recently published in De Economist .

Source: Health Day News


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