A rare type of treatable autism

Researchers have been able to reach a rare but treatable type of autism. This type of autism is triggered by a gene that controls the breakage of a type of protein known as the amino acid chain.

These proteins are important in the chemical brain, and must be obtained by the person from food, as the human body can not produce them.

In most people, this gene slows down the metabolism of these proteins to maintain a permanent supply of these proteins in blood plasma, but some mutations slow down the activity of the gene, making proteins degrade very quickly.

This results in a severe type of autism whose symptoms include not only the traditional symptoms of poor social communication with others, but also epilepsy and mental retardation.

The study, published in the Electronic Journal of Science, is a step towards a simple cure for this disease, which is to eat more foods rich in amino acids.

After testing this treatment on the laboratory mice infected with the disease, the step continues to apply these results to humans who suffer from this genetic mutation.

Scientists confirm that this study, carried out by researchers at San Diego and Yale University, does not serve the general population of autism because the disease has many biological causes that make its treatment varied and not one.

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