A quick mix to get white teeth

Bleaching teeth and getting white teeth are the dream of many girls, and today we offer a quick and proven blend of teeth whitening with simple ingredients in your kitchen.

the ingredients

– toothpaste

– Toothbrush

– turmeric powder

How to prepare

First, wash your teeth with a brush and paste. Then sprinkle a little turmeric over the toothbrush and rub out your teeth for a full minute. Then wipe the mouth with water and repeat washing the teeth again brushing and putty. This process will give you a whiteness that will dazzle you and a bright and beautiful smile.

Tips for getting white teeth easily

– Quit smoking, because it is the most important causes yellowing teeth.

– Refrain from soft drinks containing food coloring.

– Teeth should be cleaned twice a day twice a day 3 times a day, preferably after eating basic meals, using a good toothpaste and an appropriate toothbrush.

– It is recommended to use sodium bicarbonate with water regularly, to remove the superficial smears from the teeth.

– You can also use a cotton swab moistened with lemon and salt to stick to your teeth daily.

– Cleaning teeth with a thread where brushing and putty is not enough, as doctors are advised to use the thread to clean the teeth and to remove the remnants of food and fat between the teeth. It is preferred to use the thread at least once a day.

– It is recommended to periodically review the dentist once every six months at least. It is also recommended to clean the teeth professionally by the specialist doctor at least once a year.


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