A quick and healthy diet for a lean body

Everyone and women in particular dream of possessing harmonious, harmonious bodies that do not have defects and the body when it is healthy and consistent. This is reflected in the general health of the person. Also, his psychology is better because he is satisfied with himself, unlike the person who does not have the proper strength. Satisfaction with himself and may cause the failure to succeed in reducing the weight of his body.

Body Consistency:

You may suffer from the inconsistency of your body. You may have a prominent belly or big buttocks. This completely spoils your appearance, which makes you frustrated and depressed because you can not wear your clothes and look at the attractive bodybuilders that are in harmony with your body and body. You have negative feelings towards yourself and towards others often.


One of the methods used to make the shape of the body is consistent and sound and is the best and most successful way and you have to exercise to exercise because it is not only important for the shape of your body, but also your general health, it protects you from diseases and health and psychological problems.

Dietary diets:

But sports are not alone in order to make you healthy and ideal weight because if you are not interested in the quality of food you eat, whatever exercise you exercise will not do any purpose because the sport is a physical effort and physical exertion depends on the energy in the body, A healthy food that contains all the ingredients it needs will not be able to make energy and thus your exercise will fail to achieve any goal you dream of.

Quick diet:

You may have tried many diet systems in vain because you will not be able to deprive yourself of the food you like for a long time and therefore we offer you this diet based on weight loss natural foods that give your body valuable nutrients that give him the vitality and agility that needs and prevent Excess calories:

Quick Diet Menu:

– Half a loaf of bread.

– A boiled egg or a small piece of light cheese.

– A cup of milk free of fat or low fat.

– Two pieces of grilled chicken breast, fish, grilled liver or grilled or boiled meat.

– Large amount of vegetable salad without oil with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar as desired.

– Fruits of apples, oranges or kiwis.

– A medium cup of yogurt.

– Desired quantity of lettuce and cucumber.

How to work fast food:

You lose body weight and eliminate fat and grease by distributing its list of foods throughout the day and it is characterized by the ability of the person who follows it to choose how it does it.

In order to complete the diet and any other body weight loss regimen, you should drink plenty of water distributed on the day, not less than eight cups and exercise, including walking at least 200 minutes a week distributed throughout the day. Specialist before starting.

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