A huge study reveals what shisha does with the body

A recent medical study revealed that the effects of smoking hookahs are not limited to respiratory diseases. This negative habit increases the risk of obesity, diabetes and other serious diseases.

The study by experts from Britain’s Brighton & Cessics School of Medicine found that shisha smokers were more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than nonsmokers.

The largest study included a sample of 9840 participants comprising 6742 non-smokers, 976 smokers, 864 former cigarette smokers, 1067 former shisha smokers, 41 shisha smokers and cigarettes.

The new study, which is a long life, says that smoking shisha is less harmful because it depends on tobacco that passes through the water, according to the newspaper “Telegraph” British.

One study of smoking hookah is equivalent to smoking a full pack of cigarettes, and the amount of toxins that enter the health may be even greater, said researcher Gordon Ferennes, one of the study’s authors.

The study did not specify why shisha caused obesity and diabetes, but experts say it was caused by a shisha that triggered an inflammatory reaction in the body.

This reaction in the body makes some tissues resistant to the effect of the insulin hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar, and it is also possible that narghile is associated with habits that lead to weight gain.

The researchers said that health authorities should warn people about the dangers of hookahs because some people think they are less harmful, especially as they often offer attractive flavors.

Cigarette smoking rates have fallen in Britain in recent decades due to health concerns, amid increasing demand for electronic cigarettes as they are less harmful.

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