A hormone produced by the body during sport treats these diseases


The University of Rio de Janeiro has conducted a study on dementia, which shows that exercise helps restore memory to those who lost it through a hormone produced by the body during exercise.

Exercise seems to be the key to solving memory problems, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The study, which lasted 7 years and was published in the journal Nature Medicine this month, showed the positive effect of the hormone “erysine” produced by the body during exercise in the protection of brain functions and the preservation of memory and intellectual skills.

The study involved laboratory mice suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. After a month of exercise, mice could regain their memory through the production of erysine by exercise.

The results of the study did not show the possibility of the hormone “Erisin” in the prevention of Alzheimer’s, but they proved the effectiveness of hormone-induced exercise in the treatment of several symptoms of the disease in laboratory mice.

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