A healthy diet to prepare your body for pregnancy

Many women neglect proper nutrition during pregnancy and in fact pregnancy has a particular way of feeding for the health of pregnant women and the health of their fetus. 
It should be available in the diet of pregnant women is that the food is easy to digest and to have all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins needed by the mother and fetus and be divided into several meals throughout the day. 
A pregnant woman should consider taking full nutrition without eating too much, as is believed, because eating excessively will make the weight of a pregnant woman increase, thus increasing the weight of her fetus and making her birth more difficult.

– So we offer you the following guidelines for a healthy diet that will benefit your health and your baby’s health:

– Eat fresh or dried fruits in your light meals because they contain vitamins and minerals that benefit your body and benefit your baby. 
– Your diet should contain proteins, minerals and vitamins of various kinds, especially folic acid, which pregnant women need 500 micrograms a day and can be found in liver, leafy vegetables and oranges. In the growth and development of the fetus and protect it from the incidence of deformities in the brain and spinal cord. 
– Eat complex carbohydrates that contain fiber throughout your pregnancy and you can find them in brown bread, boiled or cooked potatoes, pasta and brown rice. These starches provide your body with energy and minerals and vitamins that are necessary for your health, your fetus’s health and your protection from exposure. For constipation.
– Drink fresh milk throughout your pregnancy because because it contains lactose sugar it helps to extend your body energy that contributes to the absorption of mineral salts such as phosphorus and calcium and also resist bacteria that damage the intestine and treat you from constipation and contains a large protein, In one liter of milk there is the same amount in five eggs and a half kilo of red meat and two thirds of a gram of fish and it contains vitamin B, which strengthens bones and vitamin B6, which contributes to the absorption of the body protein. 
– You can take some alternatives to coffee if you can not drink, such as bread, yoghurt, broccoli, black honey, dried figs, dried legumes, cooked nuts. 
– Use lemon juice as an alternative to salt, because foods containing salt may cause swelling of the feet, high pregnancy pressure and weight gain.
– Desalinate your drinks and honey bees as an alternative to sugar. 
– Eat food after cooking well and avoid the foods that are not cooked well because it may expose you to pregnancy poisoning. 
– Reduce as much as possible from eating sweets and sugars because they may cause you to have diabetes. 
– Avoid eating smoked meat, canned foods and frozen fruits because they cause your blood pressure to increase, which is dangerous for you and your baby. 
Drink at least 6 cups of water a day.

Take care of yourself during pregnancy and do not disturb your health. You are carrying another body that depends on you.

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