A healthy diet suitable for vegetarians

Vegetarians are the most people who suffer from a diet that gives them all the elements and nutritional values ​​they need and at the same time be delicious and enjoyable and suffer more when some try to reduce the weights of their bodies The biggest problem is to find a diet free of meat and Contains all the nutrients of vitamins and minerals.

Therefore, we present a diet suitable for vegetarians:

Rules to be followed during dieting:

Drink at least eight glasses of water a day

 – Drink a cup of green tea three times a day with the addition of some herbs such as mint, cinnamon, ginger and sage.

– Exercise at least three times a week.

 – System meals for one day are dealt with throughout the day and the system administrator can arrange the food at his convenience.

 – Taking supplements of vitamin B12.

–  Diet program:

Saturday :

Green apples – three pieces of toast brown bread – 1 tablespoon honey – tomatoes stuffed with cheese – boiled Cousa – two pieces of cauliflower – vegetable salad dish – tea or coffee without sugar.

Sunday :

A cup of seasonal fruit – a piece of brown toast – four slices of pineapple – a plate of lettuce and tomatoes – grilled potatoes – tomatoes stuffed with cheese and parsley – a tablespoon of honey – medium sized apple – tea or coffee without sugar.

Monday :

A cup of seasonal fruit cut – 2 pieces of brown toast – green apple – salad made of radish, chopped green onions, olives, lettuce, tomatoes and low-fat white cheese – medium-sized grilled eggplant – 1 teaspoon honey – no tea or coffee sugar.

Tuesday :

1 cup of seasoned seasonal fruit – 3 pieces of brown bread – large fruit boiled carrots – large plate of lettuce, parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, mint, radish, olives, green onions, lemon juice and a teaspoon of olive oil – fruit Lettuce – tea or coffee without sugar.

Wednesday :

Fruit salad with lemon juice and mint leaves – 2 pieces of brown bread – 1 teaspoon honey – low fat or low fat cheese – onion soup – fruit pear or two pieces of pineapple – fruit of green apples – medium sized lettuce – tea or coffee Sugarless.

Thursday :

A cup of seasonal fruit cut – two pieces of brown toast – a tablespoon of honey – paper vegetables such as lettuce, watercress and spinach – low fat cheese – fruit salad – boiled vegetables problem – fruit of green apples or pear – tea or coffee without sugar.

Friday :

1 cup of seasoned seasonal fruit – 3 pieces of brown toast – 1 teaspoon of honey – island soup – free cream cheese – grilled potato – medium sized apple – four walnuts – orange fruit – half cup of boiled beans – tea Or coffee without sugar.

Before you decide to follow this diet or any other diet, you should consult your doctor to tell you what is appropriate for your physical condition.

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